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A humidifier is basically a device that are effective in treating dry, flaky skin which includes the nose, throat, and the lips. The use of humidifiers that emit water vapor or steam are occasionally used to ward off common cold and symptoms of the flu.URPOWER Cool Humidifier with a 4 Litres capacity. It runs for 15-17 hours nonstop and is able to humidify medium sized rooms and cabins.3 Speed Mist Control -The control regulator at the front of the device incorporates a 3 different mist control settings.Thus, allowing you to select the setting which is appropriate to your requirement.With digital controls ,can provide automatic adjustments without you having to worry about humidity levels being too high or too low.Just get it today

Touch the button of "ON/Off"once to turn on the item.
Touch the button of "ON/Off" again ,it will turn off.
Touch the button of "Size" to choose the mist level you need.
Three modes:Low/middle/high.
Touch the button of"Auto"to set the automatic humidity option.
Touch the button of"Sleep"to the sleep function.All the lights will turn off and turn into silent mode .The humidity will in low mode.

• Auto shutoff for safety
• Ultrasonic technology is virtually silent
• No filters, wicks or pads required
• Large, 4Litres tank capacity
• Provides automatic humidity control
• Ideal for low-humidity indoor environments

Max mist volume:300ml/h
Working time:15-17hours
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