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   EAN: 6920835567186

Make walking with your best friend a fun experience! 
Enjoy the comfort of a URPOWER retractable leash that is designed for walking your dog in open areas where they can enjoy lots of extra 'freedom on the leash'. 

The tape leash is very resistant and ideal for 30-66lbs dogs.
The URPOWER tape guidance offers high comfort, ensuring that the tape will follow your dog in every direction, while smoothly rolling-out and retracting. When not in use, the tape fully retracts up to the chromed snap hook.

The leash should not be used by children.
Do not try to open the plastic casing or disassemble any other parts, the spring inside may cause unexpected injuries.
Do not hold or grab the tape and do not allow the tape to become wrapped around parts of the body, you may get hurt.
The dog may bite the belt when the first time you use the product, which is normal. So please pay attention to it and avoid the damage caused by dog biting or sharp items.

Package weight: 16.35oz
Package size: 9.3*6*1.7
Item weight: 11.80oz
Item size: 7*5*1.4
Tape material: Nylon
Tape length: 16.4ft

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